“No” Maintenance VS “Know” Maintenance

Today’s topic of conversation is one we hear all too many times in the garden center and out in the field: “No-Maintenance” Landscaping!

People are always saying: “I want a no-maintenance garden. What can I do?”

 We feel most  garden designs have been based on principles of beauty rather than control. As a result,  gardens can become tangled nightmares.  Which is why people turned to the theory of “no” maintenance. The idea of “no-maintenance” is unrealistic. Instead, we believe in “know-maintenance” landscaping and “low-maintenance” plants.

We like to think the more you “know” about the maintenance of your garden, there will be “no” more tangled nightmares.  Every plant needs a bit of care to keep it strong, healthy, and looking good. Knowing when your perennials and shrubs require a haircut will help keep your gardens looking clean and manicured.

We offer a huge selection of “low-maintenance” perennials and shrubs. Easy care plants include ornamental grasses, daylilies, black-eyed susan, echinacea, ferns, astilbe, goatsbeard, ligularia, and snakeroot. “Low-maintenance” shrubs include spirea, ninebark, burning bush, hydrangea, and lilacs. Again, every plant and shrub in landscaping requires a certain amount of care in order to grow. However, pruning these plants once a year ensures healthy growth, beautiful blooms, and a maintained look. Remember to “Know” when to prune prior to cutting!

If weeds are an issue in your landscaping, add a thick layer of mulch to your beds every year, or every other year, for weed suppression and moisture-retention. Leaves or wood mulch are great options!

Finally, one sure way to have a “no” maintenance garden is to hire our enhancement crew throughout the season to keep it untangled. We do the work so you don’t have to! Give us a call at 715-485-3131 or visit us at our garden center to discuss your plant and landscaping needs!