Here’s What’s Happening at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn 

It’s time to think about late-summer landscape plantings, tree care, and grass seeding. 

Landscape Plantings: We have a whole new stock of beautiful and hardy trees, shrubs, and perennials to fill in your landscapes this fall!

Add a burst of unique seasonal color with a Royal Red Maple, Autumn Blaze Maple, Canadian Red Select Cherry, or blooming Hydrangea tree.

Check out these long-lasting, late-season blooming perennials for your gardens: Black-eyed Susans, Coneflowers, Turtleheads, Mums, Sedum, and Grasses.

Our new fall annuals and fall mums will arrive Tuesday, August 22. It’s time to rejuvenate your patio planters and create a warm, welcoming entry way! 

Late-Summer Tree Care Tips 

If you have newly planted trees this season, are looking to plant new trees this fall, or have existing landscapes, here are a few things to consider. 

Watering: It’s important to keep your trees and landscapes adequately watered during this time. To thoroughly water, give the ground a deep soak (area should be wet without being soggy) once or twice a week depending on the amount of rain. 

For an easy watering option, use a slow-relase Tree Watering Bag. Just fill the irrigation bag with water, and the bag will slowly water your tree over a 5 to 8 hour duration. This will deeply saturate the ground over a longer period of time, giving your tree the water it needs to grow strong and healthy roots. 

Tree Guards: Now is the time to protect your trees with tree guards or tree wrap. Place plastic tree guards or tree wrap around the trunk of your trees to protect against deer scrapes, rabbit and small animal damage, and winter sunscald.

Mulch: Late-summer to early-fall is a great time to mulch your trees and landscapes. Mulching is an effective weed barrier and aids in ground moisture retention. Mulch also insulates plant roots, protecting your trees, shrubs, and perennials from winter damage. 

Late-Summer Lawn Care 

Now through the end of September is the best time to overseed, re-seed, or establish a new lawn.  

Grass Seed: If areas of your lawn struggled in the summer heat and drought, invigorate and enrich your lawn with overseeding. Just 3 to 5lbs of seed is needed to overseed a 1000 sq. ft. area. Visit our retail center for quality grass seed, seasonal lawn fertilizer, and organic Black Earth Lawn Soil. 

Call us at 715-485-3131 to schedule professional services for lawn aeration and dethatching. Visit our website for more details at

Come in and see us for all of your garden, landscape, and lawn care needs!

Our August Hours are:
Monday – Friday: 9am to 5pm
Saturdays: 9am to 3pm
Labor Day Weekend Hours:
Fri., Sept. 1: 8:30am to 4pm
Sat., Sept. 2: 9am to 1pm
Sun. Sept. 3: Closed
Mon. Sept. 4 (Labor Day): Closed

September – April Hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 4pm
Saturdays: 9am to 1pm

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, we hope you have a happy August!


Summertime is primetime for pest issues and damage caused by deer, rabbits, moles, squirrels, aphids, mites, Japanese beetles, scales, leafminers, black spot, powdery mildew, and much more.  

Are these pests attacking your plants?

Our retail center carries a variety of organic, natural, safe, and easy-to-use products for your fruit trees, ornamental trees, roses, flowering & fruiting shrubs, perennials, vegetables, & houseplants.

Deer, Rabbits, Geese, Squirrels, & Moles: Here are some tips for mammal pest control.

1. Apply different products or scents at each application. Deer & rabbits can eventually get used to the same product, no matter how effective it may have been on the first application. If your go-to animal repellent is no longer doing the job, try a different product or a variety of scents.

Mix up your routine & switch to Milorganite, I Must Garden Deer Repellent in mint or spice, Liquid Fence in a granular or spray, or Plantskydd spray. Most of these products are available in a variety of sizes & applications, depending on the size of the area you may need to cover.

2. Apply regularly. We have found it is best to apply any type of deer or rabbit repellent every two weeks, or after a heavy rain. Like most gardening activities, you have to keep up on it to keep it looking nice.

Pests & Disease on your Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, & Perennials

Protect your fruit trees, shrubs, & perennials from insects & disease with Fruit Tree & Plant Guard or Horticulture Oil. These sprays are safe to use & guard against a wide variety of insects & disease covering many stages of pest & disease development. 

Neem oil, Spider Mite Control, & Fungicides are also safe & effective products that protect your valuable plants from a variety of pests & disease.

If you have questions about the type of products that would work best for your situation, come in and talk with our knowledgable staff!






Fresh berry picking season is here! Grow your own blueberries & raspberries with these easy-to-grow fruit shrubs. With their multi-season interest, these shrubs will make an excellent addition to any vegetable or landscape garden.



Northblue Blueberry

Vaccinium ‘Northblue’

Height:  2 Feet

Spread:  3 Feet

Sunlight: Full Sun to Part-Shade    

Hardiness Zone:  3a


A very hardy hybrid blueberry for full-sun to part-shade with an upright open habit. This berry shrub produces a bumper crop of tasty, sweet, & juicy blueberry fruit in mid-summer. Plant in acidic soils (pH of 4 to 5) with excellent drainage & peat moss, with a thick top layer of mulch. The Northblue Blueberry is an excellent multi-seasonal shrub featuring rich green & glossy foliage in spring; delicious berries June to July; & vibrant orange fall color.

Plant more than one blueberry variety for best cross-pollination.


Chippewa Blueberry

Vaccinium corymbosum x augustifolium ‘Chippewa’

Height:  3 feet

Spread:  4 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun to Part-Shade

Hardiness Zone:  3b


A very cold-hardy hybrid blueberry with a compact habit and good fall color. Produces huge crops of large, sweet, dark blue fruit Mid-summer. Plant in acidic soils (pH of 4 to 5) with excellent drainage & peat moss, with a thick top layer of mulch. For an extended picking season, combine Chippewa Blueberry with Northblue Blueberry, as the Chippewa Blueberry ripens a week earlier. This berry shrub is an excellent multi-season shrub with glossy green foliage in spring, juicy berries mid-summer, and brilliant red color in fall.

Plant more than one Blueberry variety for best cross-pollination.



Boyne Raspberry

Rubus ‘Boyne’

Height:  4 to 6 Feet

Spread:  3 to 4 Feet

Sunlight:   Full Sun to Part-Shade

Hardiness Zone:  3a


This is a very hardy, heavy-bearing, & disease-resistant raspberry shrub. Produces a large crop of huge, juicy, sweet red raspberries. Mid-season fruit, usually ripens in July. Great for canning, fresh eating, desserts, jams & jellies.

Self-pollinating variety


Caroline Raspberry

Rubus ‘Caroline’

Height:  3 to 4 Feet

Spread:  3 to 4 Feet

Sunlight:  Full Sun to Part-Shade 

Hardiness Zone:  3a


This hardy, disease-resistant raspberry shrub produces large, red berries. Considered a fall-bearing raspberry; plant with Boyne raspberries to extend your picking season. Excellent variety for fresh eating, desserts, jams & jellies.

Self-pollinating variety

July Sales & News


How will you celebrate this Summer Season?

It’s the official start of Summer, and we’re looking forward to sharing time with friends and family on the lake!

If you need a bit of festive 4th of July home decor, stop in the shop to see all that we’ve got for stars & stripes!

We’ll also have fun Grab & Go wrapped arrangements, custom bouquets available for pick-up or delivery, & flowers for cemetery sites. For ideas or to place an order, please call us at 715-485-3131 or visit our website


  • 50% OFF Annuals, Patio Pots, & Hanging Baskets
  • 20% OFF Tropicals
  • $5 OFF All Perennials


Independence Day Weekend

  • Saturday, July 1: 9am to 1pm
  • Sunday, July 2 thru Tuesday, July 4: Closed

Regular July & August Hours

  • Monday thru Friday: 9am to 5pm
  • Saturdays: 9am to 3pm
  • Sundays: Closed

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, we wish you a happy & safe 4th of July weekend! We’ll see you this summer for all of your landscape, garden center, floral, & lawn care needs!

June News & Sales

Dad’s Service Station is ready for Father’s Day – Sunday, June 18


June is in full swing! We’re looking forward to celebrating Dad’s, the first official day of Summer, and the 4th of July with you!

Father’s Day: We have such fun gifts to show Dad you’re thinking of him! Come in and see our grills, metal signs, gas pumps, rubber garage mats, trees, shrubs, perennials, and more.

For unique Father’s Day floral arrangements and other gift ideas, visit or call us at 715-485-3131.

Annual Sales: Our greenhouse still has a beautiful selection of sun and shade annuals, veggies, herbs, & hanging baskets. Enjoy $5 Off Hanging Baskets & Patio Planters (not including ferns, dipladenia, or tropicals), and 30% OFF 4″ & 4-Pak Annuals.

Independence Day Weekend Hours:
Friday, June 30th: 
9am to 6pm
Saturday, July 1: 9am to 1pm
Sunday, July 2 thru Tuesday, July 4: Closed

Thank you for making us your go-to place for all of your lawn, landscape, and garden center needs! From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, have a very Happy Father’s Day, and a fun and relaxing 4th of July weekend!


Thank you for a successful start to the season!

Because of you, we are off to a wonderful, busy, and successful start to the summer. To all of you who were able to join us for the Customer Appreciation Day, thank you for coming! The day was full of fun, food, laughter, good music, and good times.

We’ll be here all summer to help you start a landscape project, or finish one, with bulk materials including mulch, rock, and soils. Maybe you’re looking to spruce up your landscapes for a graduation or a big summer gathering. Our great selection of beautiful trees, shrubs, perennials, patio planters, and tropicals will make your event a bright and welcoming one.

Our Foam Daddy machine is available for rent, as is our Wood-Fired Pizza oven. Both are a huge hit for graduations, birthdays, family reunions, or a weekend at the lake. For more information, call us at 715-485-3131 or visit

Don’t forget about dad on Father’s Day – Sunday, June 18. We have lots of fun gifts including lake maps, metal gas pumps for the garage, grills, grill accessories, and unique metal signs for dad’s workshop. Stop in and see us for ideas, and visit for bouquets and arrangements.

No matter the occasion, we are here for you!

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, thank you for making our season bloom!

May News & Updates


MOTHER’S DAY: Remember that special Mom in your life this weekend! Whether you’re looking for a fresh floral bouquet, wrapped flowers, a spring flowering tree, or a unique gift to last a lifetime, we have it at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn! We can create a custom-made arrangement, or provide thoughtful suggestions if you just don’t know. Stop in, give us a call at 715-485-3131, or visit our website at

CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY: Please join us Saturday, May 27 at 11am for another fun-filled Customer Appreciation Day! The grills & wood-fired pizza oven will be going, enjoy live music with Matt Glenna, browse our specials in the garden center, & relax with drinks while you shop. This is our way of saying Thank You for being our valued customers. We are grateful for your patronage! We look forward to meeting all of your landscape, property management, & floral needs. For more information, visit our Facebook Event Page


Thank you to those who have served & sacrificed. We honor & remember you! If you would like to add a thoughtful token to a loved one’s cemetery site, visit us for geraniums to place in a stand or for wrapped flowers to place on the memorial stone. 

Monday-Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 5pm
Sunday: 10am to 2pm
Memorial Day (Mon. May 29): Closed 

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day & a Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy your celebrations with friends & family. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Spring Lawn Care Tips


Healthy Landscapes Feature: Healthy Soil; No Plant-Damaging Pests or Disease; Few Weeds; Healthy Grass, Trees, Shrubs, & Perennials.


With snow on the ground, it’s difficult to imagine a lush, spring green lawn awaits under that blanket of winter. But we all know, as soon as the snow melts, spring will burst forth in a frenzy.

Be prepared to create a healthy lawn and landscape with these simple tips!

Eliminate Crabgrass Now: For the DIY, apply Award Crabgrass Preventer: a pre-emergent product designed to target germinating seeds before new shoots can emerge from soil. Because the ground is not frozen under all of this snow, there will be a very short window of opportunity to apply Crabgrass Preventer to your lawn. Apply as soon as the snow has melted!  

If Crabgrass or other weeds are already established in your lawn, we offer two safe and effective herbicides for use on your lawn: Bayer Advanced Crabgrass Killer for Lawns and Ferti-Lome Weed Free Zone. Either of these products could be used to broadcast over a grassy expanse, or for spot-spraying weeds within a lawn. To effectively eradicate crabgrass, spray early at the first sign of the weed emerging.

For a thick, healthy, dense lawn: Top-dress your lawn with Coast of Maine’s Organic and Natural Black Earth Lawn Soil to enrich your soil and aid in moisture-retention. Also, spring is a great time to overseed your lawn to repair damaged grass and fill in bare spots. We offer exceptional grass seed varieties for full-sun, sun/shade, or dense shade lawns. For smaller areas, use quick and easy Rapid Repair Pods to treat dog spots, weed patches, or mole mounds. 

Lawn-safe products to eliminate existing weeds and crabgrass


Early-Spring – before your fruit trees leaf out – is the best time to prune your orchard trees and apply insect or disease control products.

Springtime Pruning for Fruit Trees: Late-winter to early-spring is the best time to prune fruit trees. Pruning prior to leaf-out allows the tree time to heal any wounds before seasonal insects and diseases become prevalent. Pruning early also reduces stress on the tree.

To start: Prune any dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Then, prune any rubbing branches. Also, prune any double leaders by choosing the healthiest leader and cutting the other leader to half its height. When pruning, be careful not to remove more than 25% of the total tree each year.

Fruit Tree Pest and Disease Control: Many fruit-tree safe products recommend treatments in early-spring to eliminate any dormant, over-wintering insects or diseases. For best results, apply insecticides and fungicides early, prior to high insect or disease infestations. The first application can be made when branch tips show new green tissue, or when blossoms are in bud form before opening to flowers.

We offer a variety of natural products for organic gardening, safe for use on vegetables and fruits!

Natural products for organic gardening – safe for vegetables and fruits!


We’re all anxious to get into our gardens this year. It will soon be time to amend the soil in your vegetable gardens, get those veggie starts planted, and rejuvenate your perennial gardens!

Protect your early-blooming bulbs and perennials from hungry critters: Deer and rabbit damage is the leading cause of complaints we hear in the garden center. Take action early to protect your tulips, daffodils, crocus, iris, daylilies, and hostas! For natural alternatives for animal repellents, check out the I MUST GARDEN product line.

If you have been using one variety of animal repellent, consider trying a new scent this year to prevent deer and rabbits from browsing on your favorite plants. Plantskydd spray or granulars, I Must Garden Spice or Mint sprays, and Liquid Fence spray or granulars are all quality products to try within a rotation.

Soil Amendments: If your perennial gardens or vegetables gardens could use a little conditioning, come in and check out our new soils by Coast of Maine. We have a huge selection of organic, nutirent-rich potting soils, composts, soils for raised bed gardens, and soils for vegetable gardens. Work these soils into your garden beds or use as a top-dressing to existing gardens to give your plants extra nurishment.


Natural Animal Repellents help protect your plants from hungry critters!

We’re here to help you with all of your lawncare, landscape, and garden needs!

For more information about our services, please visit our website at, or call us at 715-485-3131.

Happy Spring from all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn! 

2023 Cemetery Urn Services

Renew Your 2023 Cemetery Urn Service

We’re planning now for our 2023 Cemetery Urn services! We picked up all of the cemetery pots this fall, and we have them safely stored for planting this spring! 

Thank you for entrusting us with your loved one’s graveside display! Pricing for the 2023 season is $74.95 and includes: Spring planting of your existing palm pot, urn delivery, and urn pick up in the Fall. For each additional planter going to the same cemetery, the fee is $37.00. For $55, we will plant your cemetery urns and you can deliver them to your loved one’s cemetery site.

We will send invoices for the 2023 Cemetery Urn Services in Early-March. To change or cancel your Cemetery Urn Services for this year, please call us at 715-485-3131 or email us at

For additional inquiries, please call us at 715-485-3131. To place your order on-line, please visit our website at

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, we wish you a bright and happy 2023!

Let Love Bloom

Valentine’s Day is for love, love is for everyone, and flowers are the perfect gift to give anyone!

How do you show someone you love them? Show them what’s in your heart with a blooming bouquet! Flowers are a fresh and fun gift for everyone, and a special way to send love and joy to moms and dads, sisters, brothers, girlfriends, boyfriends, old friends and new friends. We even have gifts for your furry friends!

For lovely, cheerful, heartfelt ideas; for easy ordering; and for quick deliveries, visit our website at

(Think they’re over getting flowers? THINK AGAIN! We are a floral shop, and even we want flowers on that special occasion)!

If you’re looking for a unique gift for him, check out our Man Cave signs, Game Day sign, Lake maps, Swiss Cheese plants (for the Packer-loving Cheesehead in your life), and whiskey decanters! Our retail shop is also full of blooming plants, houseplants, succulents, air plants, air-filled balloons, bird baths, pottery, garden decor, and home decor. 

Need help deciding? Give us a call at 715-485-3131 or visit us in person!

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, have a bloomin’ day! We’re wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day full of love!