2023 Cemetery Urn Services

Renew Your 2023 Cemetery Urn Service

We’re planning now for our 2023 Cemetery Urn services! We picked up all of the cemetery pots this fall, and we have them safely stored for planting this spring! 

Thank you for entrusting us with your loved one’s graveside display! Pricing for the 2023 season is $74.95 and includes: Spring planting of your existing palm pot, urn delivery, and urn pick up in the Fall. For each additional planter going to the same cemetery, the fee is $37.00. For $55, we will plant your cemetery urns and you can deliver them to your loved one’s cemetery site.

We will send invoices for the 2023 Cemetery Urn Services in Early-March. To change or cancel your Cemetery Urn Services for this year, please call us at 715-485-3131 or email us at info@balsamlakeprolawn.com.

For additional inquiries, please call us at 715-485-3131. To place your order on-line, please visit our website at www.balsamlakeprolawn.com

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, we wish you a bright and happy 2023!