Summertime is primetime for pest issues and damage caused by deer, rabbits, moles, squirrels, aphids, mites, Japanese beetles, scales, leafminers, black spot, powdery mildew, and much more.  

Are these pests attacking your plants?

Our retail center carries a variety of organic, natural, safe, and easy-to-use products for your fruit trees, ornamental trees, roses, flowering & fruiting shrubs, perennials, vegetables, & houseplants.

Deer, Rabbits, Geese, Squirrels, & Moles: Here are some tips for mammal pest control.

1. Apply different products or scents at each application. Deer & rabbits can eventually get used to the same product, no matter how effective it may have been on the first application. If your go-to animal repellent is no longer doing the job, try a different product or a variety of scents.

Mix up your routine & switch to Milorganite, I Must Garden Deer Repellent in mint or spice, Liquid Fence in a granular or spray, or Plantskydd spray. Most of these products are available in a variety of sizes & applications, depending on the size of the area you may need to cover.

2. Apply regularly. We have found it is best to apply any type of deer or rabbit repellent every two weeks, or after a heavy rain. Like most gardening activities, you have to keep up on it to keep it looking nice.

Pests & Disease on your Fruit Trees, Ornamental Trees, Shrubs, & Perennials

Protect your fruit trees, shrubs, & perennials from insects & disease with Fruit Tree & Plant Guard or Horticulture Oil. These sprays are safe to use & guard against a wide variety of insects & disease covering many stages of pest & disease development. 

Neem oil, Spider Mite Control, & Fungicides are also safe & effective products that protect your valuable plants from a variety of pests & disease.

If you have questions about the type of products that would work best for your situation, come in and talk with our knowledgable staff!






Fresh berry picking season is here! Grow your own blueberries & raspberries with these easy-to-grow fruit shrubs. With their multi-season interest, these shrubs will make an excellent addition to any vegetable or landscape garden.



Northblue Blueberry

Vaccinium ‘Northblue’

Height:  2 Feet

Spread:  3 Feet

Sunlight: Full Sun to Part-Shade    

Hardiness Zone:  3a


A very hardy hybrid blueberry for full-sun to part-shade with an upright open habit. This berry shrub produces a bumper crop of tasty, sweet, & juicy blueberry fruit in mid-summer. Plant in acidic soils (pH of 4 to 5) with excellent drainage & peat moss, with a thick top layer of mulch. The Northblue Blueberry is an excellent multi-seasonal shrub featuring rich green & glossy foliage in spring; delicious berries June to July; & vibrant orange fall color.

Plant more than one blueberry variety for best cross-pollination.


Chippewa Blueberry

Vaccinium corymbosum x augustifolium ‘Chippewa’

Height:  3 feet

Spread:  4 feet

Sunlight: Full Sun to Part-Shade

Hardiness Zone:  3b


A very cold-hardy hybrid blueberry with a compact habit and good fall color. Produces huge crops of large, sweet, dark blue fruit Mid-summer. Plant in acidic soils (pH of 4 to 5) with excellent drainage & peat moss, with a thick top layer of mulch. For an extended picking season, combine Chippewa Blueberry with Northblue Blueberry, as the Chippewa Blueberry ripens a week earlier. This berry shrub is an excellent multi-season shrub with glossy green foliage in spring, juicy berries mid-summer, and brilliant red color in fall.

Plant more than one Blueberry variety for best cross-pollination.



Boyne Raspberry

Rubus ‘Boyne’

Height:  4 to 6 Feet

Spread:  3 to 4 Feet

Sunlight:   Full Sun to Part-Shade

Hardiness Zone:  3a


This is a very hardy, heavy-bearing, & disease-resistant raspberry shrub. Produces a large crop of huge, juicy, sweet red raspberries. Mid-season fruit, usually ripens in July. Great for canning, fresh eating, desserts, jams & jellies.

Self-pollinating variety


Caroline Raspberry

Rubus ‘Caroline’

Height:  3 to 4 Feet

Spread:  3 to 4 Feet

Sunlight:  Full Sun to Part-Shade 

Hardiness Zone:  3a


This hardy, disease-resistant raspberry shrub produces large, red berries. Considered a fall-bearing raspberry; plant with Boyne raspberries to extend your picking season. Excellent variety for fresh eating, desserts, jams & jellies.

Self-pollinating variety