In this issue, learn essential Late-April tips for creating healthy lawns, discover DIY landscape and lawncare projects you can complete during this time of Shelter in Place, and explore the many ways healthy lawns and landscapes improve global and local ecosystems!
 Late-April to Early-May is the best time to fertilize your lawn to promote growth and the only time to apply pre-emergent Crabgrass Preventer! Providing early care for your lawns keeps your grass healthier, greener, and more lush! Proper fertilization is one of the most important things that can be done to ensure grass is healthy and strong enough to fight off threats posed by weeds, pests, and disease. With the vital role fertilizer plays in the health of your lawn, it’s important to minimize guess work and ensure the right fertilizer is applied at the right time, in the right amounts. To learn about our professional fertilization services, please email us: info@balsamlakeprolawn.com

CHECK FOR BROWN PATCHES IN YOUR LAWN AND RE-SEED: Areas that have been covered with large piles of snow can kill grass. Check to see if your brown grass is just dormant or dead by raking away some of the brown so you can see the lawn surface. Check for green tissue beginning to emerge. If so, the area will likely recover with time. If not, and other areas of the lawn are greening up, it’s time to make plans for renovating these areas. To repair, rake up the dead tissue. Add a light top-dressing of topsoil. Use a good quality grass seed that is appropriate for the conditions you live in. Rake the seed lightly into your new topsoil, tamp lightly with your feet. Keep the area moist, daily if necessary, to prevent the seedlings from drying out.

HEALTHY LAWNS = HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENTS: Healthy lawns are vital to local ecosystems and provide essential benefits to the environment. According to National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), just one acre of grass produces more oxygen than 1 acre of rainforest. Grassed areas are also up to 30 degrees cooler than blacktop (NALP). Healthier lawns improve larger issues such as climate change and pollution by reducing erosion, trapping carbon dioxide, cleaning the air, improving the soil, and reducing temperatures. Healthy lawns also protect bodies of water, absorbing run-off and acting as a filter for lakes, rivers, ponds, and groundwater. 

DIY PROJECTS FOR STUNNING LANDSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS: Spring is the time to repair potholes and plow damage on your driveways. Mulching your existing landscapes during this season can provide extra protection for your plants and early weed suppression. Mulch can also add instant visual appeal to existing sites. Once the threat of frost is past, Spring is also a wonderful time to plant! Visit our retail center for bulk materials such as Class 5 for driveway repairs, bulk river rock, and a variety of bulk or bagged mulch. Our garden center will soon uncover our winterized selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials! Look for early-blooming varieties to make your Spring a colorful one while providing birds, bees, butterflies, and other of nature’s creatures with food and habitat.

SPRING CLEAN-UP: Once the threat of frost is gone, it’s time to remove leaves and debris from your gardens! Dead-head perennial stalks and cut ornamental grasses to support healthy new growth. Cut old foliage away from daylilies, hostas, and other straggly perennials to uncover shoots. Rake or leaf-blow leaves out of your garden beds. Be sure to dig out those pesky early-season weeds, and consider re-mulching! Our professional Spring Clean-up crews will be out next week to get a start on this portion of our lawncare services.  

Our Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn experts provide a number of services to improve your lawn and landscapes. Visit our website at www.balsamlakeprolawn.com or email info@balsamlakeprolawn.com to learn more! Whether you need a spring clean-up, a lawn care assessment, or to be on a regular pre-emergent and fertilization program, our professional lawn care team is here for you!

From all of us at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn, thank you for your support, and we hope you stay safe and healthy!