Check Out Our New Plant Variety


Have you heard of “Sem Ash Leaf Spirea?” This beautiful, fern-like deciduous shrub is great for full-sun to part-shade locations. It is a “Must-Have!” featuring multicolored foliage of pinkish-red, orange, and green with showy creamy-white plumes appearing in July and August that attract songbirds and butterflies.

This variety grows 3-4 ft tall and makes a great naturalizing shrub for hillsides, slopes, hedges, or foundation planting. With it’s variegated foliage and beautiful plumes, use this shrub as an accent plant in your perennial garden for added interest, texture, and color.

“Sem” is deer-resistant and cold-tolerant (zone 3 to 7). Prune this shrub annually in the early spring, and remove root suckers to control size and spread.

The “Sem Ash Leaf Spirea” is blooming on the bench right now, so stop in if you need to add late-summer interest to your gardens.