Fall is Here, Hear The Yell, Back To School, Ring the Bell


Going back to school is a big deal for a lot of people right now: parents, teachers, students, kids. For better or for worse, your life and your schedule has been turned upside down! We are here to make your back-to-school transition a fun and an easy one.

Back-to-school gifts for your kids: Make your kids’ day a happy one with a surprise bouquet, a silly balloon, or a simple reminder that they are loved. Check out our huge selection of 20% Off Fairy Garden items, if you are looking for further gift ideas!

Back-to-school ideas for parents: Many parents rejoice when they’re kids are back in school! It’s back to the daily grind for your kids, but it gets them out of the house and back on a regular schedule. It’s also back to sports, extra school activities, and a lot of running around. Give yourself a much needed treat for your hard work. Get that garden decoration you’ve always wanted or give yourself a bouquet to brighten your day!

Back-to-school ideas for teachers: If you are a teacher and looking to welcome your students, mylar balloon bouquets make for a lively, long-lasting display in the classroom. Dish gardens and fairy gardens also brighten a room and add interest. Small houseplants, seasonal blooming plants, and tiny bouquets fit small spaces and make great gifts for students to give to their new teachers!

If you need an idea to make your back-to-school season special, stop in and visit our friendly Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn garden center crew!