Is Your Mum Hardy?

From September to November, the gardening world is bombarded by big, blooming Chrysanthemums (aka “mums”). When giving or getting this fall favorite, there’s always one big, looming question: Will this mum survive the winter? 

The answer is a bit more complicated, and it depends on the type of mum you have. Many garden centers and florist shops in the Midwest sell Chrysanthemum varieties commonly known as “Fall Garden Mums” or “Florist’s Chrysanthemums.” These mums are mostly annuals suited for zone 5 to 9. As we are zone 3 to 4 with variable climate conditions, there is no guarantee Fall Garden Mums will survive in our zone. But, some people have had success and their Fall Garden Mums come back year after year. We like to say, “You can always hope. Plant it and see!” 

The Pelee Mum is another variety commonly sold in garden centers and florist shops . This mum is strictly an indoor plant! The Pelee Mum features 2 to 4 inch, bi-color blooms with daisy-like petals of deep red turning to yellow toward the center. This compact plant makes a great indoor display to brighten a home or office in the fall.

If you are looking for a perennial mum, you are best to look for a variety in the Mammoth series. Developed by the University of Minnesota as a cold-hardy cultivar mum, a Mammoth Mum is a more reliable option. Click the link to learn about these hardy mum’s!

If you are giving or getting these fall favorites, be sure to check the tag to determine whether your new plant is an annual, perennial, or indoor plant!