What Type of Funeral Flowers Should I Send?




Sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, wreaths, standing sprays, casket sprays, floor bouquets… Learn what these specific types of arrangements are and how to appropriately express your condolences.


Floral design displayed on an easel in a prominent position near the casket. Floral wreaths are sent directly to the funeral home or church for the service. The circular wreath symbolizes eternal life.

Standing Spray

Standing sprays are similar to wreath arrangements. They are displayed in a prominent position near the casket on an easel. They are also sent directly to the funeral home or church for the service.


Casket Spray

This flower arrangement is designed for the top of the casket. This type of arrangement is typically ordered by the immediate family.

Peace Always

Floor Bouquets

A flower arrangement in large vase or pots placed on the floor near the casket.

Tender Tribute

Funeral Baskets and Plants

Flower arrangement or plants presented in a decorative vase and displayed around the casket at the funeral home.

Basket of Memories







Sympathy Flowers

A flower arrangement in a vase or basket  delivered to the homes of the grieving.








Flowers bring comfort and help us express our feelings. They add beauty, elegance and warmth to a somber occasion.

Mother’s Day Tips

Mix It Up This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is almost here! Time to make last minute preparations and create beautiful gifts that mom would love!!  Stop in for your supplies and create something uniquely “you” for your mom this year!


Carnations and roses are the flowers most commonly found in Mother’s Day arrangements. Why not change that up by creating arrangements with orchids, succulents, and anemones? Succulents, especially, make great additions to bouquets because the lucky moms receiving them will have an easy to care for plant to hold on to! Even just adding these flowers in with the more traditional flowers can give designs a fresh new look.



Sometimes all an arrangement needs to give it a modern feel is an updated container!  Metallics and mercury glass are very popular right now. You could also create arrangements in containers that the mom will be able to use later on. Ceramic mixing bowls, decorative pitchers, or a fun candy dish are all great ideas. To add a new twist to an arrangement, use wire baskets instead of the usual wicker ones. Creating hand-tied bouquets is also a great idea that mom would love!


Fairy Gardens, Dish Gardens or Hanging Gardens(aka Hanging Baskets)

If your mom is the type who loves playing in the dirt– the greenhouse will be fully stocked with blooming annuals, perennials, succulents and indoor houseplants.  Pick out the plants a container and maybe some garden art and let her put it all together –or better yet plan an afternoon when the family can all work on it together!



The extras can make a huge difference when it comes to an arrangement. Try matching your flowers to a brightly colored ribbon in a plaid. Wrap some lace around a vase for added dimension or shape brightly colored wires in accent colors to place with the flowers. The extras are fun elements that can be used to represent your mother’s personality.

If the DIY approach does not work for you this year —stop in and let our friendly staff help create the perfect floral arrangement, hanging garden, indoor dish garden, or fairy garden for your mom!

Frequently Asked Prom Corsage Questions — ANSWERED!

What is a prom corsage? A prom corsage is a small flower arrangement that typically adorns a girl’s wrist or collar and is bought and given to her by her prom date. Most prom-goers, these days, prefer the wrist corsage. Flowers and accessories usually match or accent the girl’s prom dress.

What is a boutonniere? A boutonniere is the floral design worn by guys on their lapels. The boutonniere is bought for the guy by his date and often matches the colors and style of his date’s corsage.

What wrist do your wear your corsage on? It is generally recognized as proper etiquette to wear the wrist corsage on the left, although a left-handed date may prefer her wrist corsage worn on the right arm.

Do the corsage and boutonniere have to match? Not necessarily, but it usually looks more stylish and put-together that way. Talk to your local florist about your choice of formal wear for prom, both for the guy and the girl, and discuss what corsage/bout options would work best for your combined look. (Also check out: Matching Prom Dress to Prom Corsage!)

Matching Your Prom Dress To Your Corsage Polka Dot Prom

How do I get my guy to buy the perfect prom corsage for me? Make sure the florist sees your dress. Your florist is sure to make something that accents your specific style. Seeing the dress ensures your flowers and prom accessories will match perfectly. Give your guy pictures of prom corsages you like to get him heading in the right direction. He can also show these to his florist. Why not go into your local flower shop together? You can buy both the amazing corsage and boutonniere together!

If I wanted something special, would a florist work with me? Absolutely! Florists love a challenge! If you’ve got something special in mind, talk to your florist about how they can customize your corsage just for you! May you’ve got a dark dress and are thinking of a Black Swan style? No problem! Love bright and playful? Your florist can fix you up with wire swirls and colorful daisies. Just don’t be afraid to ask!

Many florists are starting to offer Corsage Bar events in their store. This is a buffet-like setup where prom-goers can go down a row and pick out all the separate elements of their corsage. No guessing as to what it will look like when YOU’VE picked it all out!

Prom Corsage Bar

When do I need to order my prom flowers? Order right now! It’s always good to plan ahead and get your order in as soon as possible. The spring is a very busy time for florists, with wedding season just beginning and Mother’s Day right around the corner. At any rate, order at least two weeks in advance.

Why do I need to use a florist, can’t I make my own DIY corsage? Not only do corsages have to look great, but they must hold up throughout the night of dancing and celebration. It’s always a good idea to buy a corsage from your local florist, rather than try to create one yourself. Corsages are not easy to make; the flowers have to stay ON the corsage, and stay looking fresh for long periods of time. Just talk to your florist about your budget and your options, it might surprise you what they’ll come up with!

What if I’m on a tight budget, can I still get a great-looking prom corsage? Yes, talk to your florist about your situation and ask what suggestions they might have. Often times by using seasonal or flowers your florist might have in excess can cut down on costs and still give you a great-looking corsage!

What do I need before I visit my local florist? Be sure to bring a picture of the dress you are wearing. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, even a picture from a cell phone will do. Bring any pictures of prom corsages you like from the internet or magazines for your florist to look at.

What are the hottest prom flower trends to date? Bright and bold colors that really make a statement, mixed with a variety of textures and details. We’ve seen a lot different uses of wire and other accessories. Another prom accessory we just love this year is the reusable wristlets. Instead of a cheap corsage holder for the wrist, invest in a beautiful corsage bracelet. Not only will your corsage look amazing, you can wear the bracelet for years to come and always be reminded of your big night.

Creative Prom Corsage

I also have to talk about body flowers! Florists can do WAY more than just wrist corsages, ask your florist what body flowers would look best with your dress! One of our favorite looks is a strapless dress with over-the-shoulder flowers — a stunning look! You can also have flower rings, necklaces and even flowers for your shoes created! It’s all about using flowers to add color and style to your prom look.


Say “Happy Administrative Professionals Week” with Flowers!

The week of April 23rd through April 27th is the time of year to stop and say, “Thank you” to all the men and women who bend over backwards every day to meet your needs at the office. They file insurance claims, balance your books and maybe even fetch your coffee. They are the glue that holds the office together. They are … your administrative professional.

The Administrative Professional

The job has been around for as long as there have been offices and people needed to make them run. In the US, the need for people to fill this position increased dramatically during WWII. In order to help attract even more individuals to the field and also to recognize the contributions to the economy of those who already performed the job, the National Secretaries Association was formed. The name was changed to Professional Secretaries International in 1981 and finally to the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) in 1998.

The first National Secretaries week was formed in 1952 with the Wednesday of that week being known as National Secretaries Day. The titles eventually changed to Professional Secretaries Week and Professional Secretaries Day and are now known as Administrative Professionals Week and Administrative Professionals Day.

Celebrate with Flowers

Is there a better way to celebrate this week of thanks for some of your hardest workers than with a beautiful floral arrangement? Okay, maybe they’d say a raise first but then, definitely, flowers. Who wouldn’t want to come into the office every day this week to a new arrangement placed on the side of their desk with a card thanking them for their hard work?

And if you’re looking for a special gift for Administrative Professionals Day, a plant is also a great idea. They clean the air and give any work space a splash of nature.

Don’t be afraid to let the people who work so hard for you every day know how important they are to the business and to the success of your job. That’s why this day was created after all. But when you say it, make sure you say it with flowers!

And The Winner Is …

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Holiday Cheer

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

‘Tis the season to gather and celebrate with friends and family for the holidays! If you’re looking for last-minute gifts, there’s still time to bring holiday cheer with winter wreaths, vibrant Poinsettias, and festive floral bouquets. To ring in the New Year, bring the party to the host with a fun and glamorous arrangement or New Year’s balloons with colorful streamers.

We are open Sat. Dec. 23 from 9am to 1pm. We will be closed Sun. Dec. 24 thru Wed. Dec. 27 and will re-open Thu. Dec. 28. We can be reached by phone at 715-485-3131, by email at info@balsamlakeprolawn, or on-line at www.balsamlakeprolawn.com.

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!



Welcoming Winter Decor

Winter is nearly upon us, and the winter holidays are quickly approaching! Everyone is changing out their harvest theme for Christmas trees, trading in their cornucopias for wreaths and evergreens. We change from symbols of abundance to signs of a season full of generosity, giving, and the gathering of loved ones.

In the greenhouse industry, winter is a time to celebrate! Festive outdoor patio pots make entrances inviting and welcoming. Cheery wreaths adorn front doors. Garlands trail along windows, framing in outside’s winter scenes while cozy-ing up the inside. Once-empty window boxes are now full of long-lasting spruce tops and winter evergreens. Beautiful and exotic houseplants are in full bloom. We watch in awe as Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis, Cyclamen, and Poinsettias flower.

Decorating for the winter season can be fun and easy! Make up DIY patio pots with a few balsam tips, spruce tops, and flat cedar sprigs. Add Dogwood twigs, winter berry, and birch branches for height and color. Decorate with bows, pine cones, pheasant feathers, or dried hydrangeas for added interest. To stabilize your patio pots from strong winds, we recommend adding a dirt/sand mix to the bottom of the pot and then watering the items in when you are finished.

Stop in for all of your outdoor winter decorations: wreaths, garland, custom-made patio pots, and all of the items needed for DIY patio pots, window boxes, and hanging baskets. We also have fun Christmas ornaments and gifts!  It’s time to “Deck the Halls” and welcome the winter season.  Hope to see you soon!







Carefree Amaryllis

We are excited to announce the arrival of a new, easy care Amaryllis! 

All set and ready to bloom, this Amaryllis bulb comes mounted on a beautiful birch disc with winter greens, pine cones, and berries. Perfect for the busy holiday season, this amazing plant needs no water at all! This Amaryllis bulb naturally stores all the water and energy it needs to bloom. Simply place the Waterless Amaryllis Arrangement in a full or partially sunny spot in your home and enjoy! The bulb typically blooms for 4 to 6 weeks.

Originally from the tropical regions in South America, Amaryllis is known for its large trumpet-like flowers that bloom as indoor bulbs during the winters in colder climates. The flowers bloom in various shades of red, white, pink, salmon, orange, or variegated. 

These bulbs make perfect gifts or to decorate your home during the holiday season! Available for pick up or delivery around November 22 in our retail center at Balsam Lake Pro-Lawn! 

*Please note: this new easy-care variety of Amaryllis bulb will only bloom once, unless it is transplanted into a container with soil. Click here for details regarding long-term care for your Amaryllis.

Thanksgiving Table Setting Traditions


As Thanksgiving approaches, everyone is bustling about with their minds full of holiday planning, family, and turkey. In preparation for this festive day, consider a few of these harvest table setting traditions to welcome your guests and decorate your home for Thanksgiving.

The Cornucopia: The cornucopia (aka the ‘horn of plenty’) is the most common symbol of a harvest festival, meant to represent the abundance of Earth’s harvest (thanksgivingday.org). Filled with flowers, small squash or pumpkins, leaves, berries, acorns, pinecones, pomegranates, and other fall harvest goods, cornucopias make an excellent main statement for your Thanksgiving table. If your table is too full of food for an arrangement, add it to the kids’ table or as a side table display for your appetizers or pies.

Baskets: Big or small, round or square, low or high, a natural fiber basket full of autumn’s bounties makes for a beautiful table display. As a multi-purpose gift for a host, baskets can later be used as simple decorations or as unique containers for fruits, vegetables, breads, and other household items. 

Fall Arrangements: Unique autumn containers such as pumpkins, wooden crates, or birch bark vases add a festive flare to table displays. Create an arrangement with pillar candles, succulents, and house plants for a long-lasting home decoration. 

Whatever your traditions are, we hope you have a safe, wonderful, and happy Thanksgiving! We are grateful for your support of our local business and look forward to working with you this holiday season!

*Please note, we will be closed Thursday, November 23 thru Sunday, November 26. We will still check phone messages and take floral orders during that time! Call us at 715-483-3131 or order flowers on-line 24 hours a day at www.balsamlakeprolawn.com.