Turf Installation

Turf Installation

Our name says it "Balsam Lake Pro Lawn". We built our reputation on turf maintenance and fertility. This dedication to turf has allowed us to produce fantastic, thick, healthy lawns in a wide variety of conditions. We use only the highest quality seeds, fertilizers, and erosion control products available. These products are chosen based on soil, sunlight, and maintenance expectations. We prefer to install seed with a hydro mulch or erosion blanket cover vs. sod. Although seed is not as instant as sod, seed allows us to choose the correct blend/type for each site. This is very important for shady locations because most sod is a bluegrass type seed that requires 8-10 hours of direct sunlight. Sod installed in shady locations will thin out and deteriorate rapidly resulting in erosion and unhappy clients. New varieties of seeds termed no mow are slow growing fescues that require about half the maintenance of normal fescue/bluegrass seeds. These are becoming increasing popular with waterfront property owners who enjoy more of a native look.

  • Newly hydro-seeded turf
    Newly hydro-seeded turf
  • Finished hydro-seeded turf after 4-6 weeks of growth
    Finished hydro-seeded turf after 4-6 weeks of growth

We provide service to Polk and surrounding counties.
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