Walkways and Patios

Walkways and Patios

Walkways and patios are key elements that provide fluid motion throughout the landscape. Walkways help guide people to various destinations throughout your property, while providing a safe, durable surface to travel on. The location and size of walkways are important factors to consider when designing these paths. Most people will take the shortest distance between two locations, so it is critical to install these walkways where people will use them regularly. A path with high traffic should be wider than a seldomly used path. The material used for walkways is also a very important factor depending on seasonal use of the path. High traffic front entrance walks that need to be shoveled in the winter months should be constructed of materials like concrete pavers or concrete for ease of maintenance and durability. Seasonal paths in backyards and lakeside paths that don’t need shoveling can be constructed out of flagstone, wood, or gravel.

Guidelines for patios are similar to those of walkways. It is critical to design these features large enough to accommodate your outdoor furniture/tables, and still have enough room to navigate through the patio. Make sure there is enough room to push chairs away from the table when you stand up, or back away from the fire ring when your shins are on fire! Material used for patios will also affect how your patio functions. Concrete pavers and concrete will yield a smoother surface than natural stone like flagstone. This can affect how stable furniture will sit on the patio surface. Durability is also a factor when considering what materials to use for both patios and walkways. Poured and stamped concrete surfaces are NOT warrantied by Pro-Lawn, we try to minimize cracking and heaving, but it is not guaranteed. Surfaces like concrete pavers and flagstone are repairable and can be fixed if there is a problem.

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