Lawncare Services

Lawncare Services


A process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn is called core aeration. It has many benefits including: opening the soil, reducing compaction, improving water infiltration, improving rooting and reducing lawn stress. The plugs are left on the surface to break down (usually within a couple of weeks) and reincorporate into the thatch layer, creating a better growing medium for turf grass. We perform this service in the fall when root growth in at its optimum.


Thatch is an accumulation of tightly meshed dead and living stems and roots that build up between the zone of green vegetation and the soil surface. A thick layer of thatch may cause a shallow root system with roots only growing in the thatch, increasing the risk of insects and disease, mower scalping, dry spots, and reduced tolerance to environmental stresses. This service is performed during the spring clean-up process or early spring.

Fertilization/Weed Control

We use only the highest quality fertilizers and weed control products. Fertilizer applications are important for proper disease resistance, weed control, and overall health of your lawn and root structure.

Over Seeding

Over seeding is the process of incorporating soil and sand to existing lawns to create denser, more uniform turf. Many times this technique is performed because the tree canopy has increased creating shady sites where sunny grass no longer thrives. This process is best performed in fall because of cooler temps, likelihood of rain and less weed pressure. Optimal results are achieved when including over seeding with aeration.

We provide service to Polk and surrounding counties.
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