Planting and Bed Installation

Planting and Bed Installation

Plants play a very important role in landscape design. Plants allow the landscape to come alive while providing aromas, colors, and textures. Our staff at Pro-lawn will work with the client to choose plant material that works aesthetically with the existing site. We also take into consideration sunlight, soil, size, pests, and most importantly - maintenance. Selecting hardy plant material that can withstand harsh winters and hungry predators is our specialty. It is also important to design for continuous blooms throughout our relatively short growing season.

Bed Edging / Borders

Bed edging and borders are used in the landscape to create definition between two different mediums. Most commonly used to separate a turf area from a non turf area, they are also used to define driveways and walking paths. Pro-Lawn highly recommends some type of border around the foundation of your structure to reduce damage from string trimmers and mowers. Some of the more common types of edging are: Vinyl or PVC, concrete bullet edgers, natural stone, concrete curbing, and concrete pavers. Wood is also used sometimes, but longevity can be an issue. Ease of maintenance varies greatly with various edging materials. Properly installed Vinyl/PVC edging and concrete bullets are two of the easiest borders to maintain. Their flush profile allows for easy mowing and minimal trimming. Natural stone like fieldstone can be tricky to trim around efficiently due to it’s irregular shape. The primary function of borders is to retain the product within its boundries, and minimize maintenance for the homeowner.

We provide service to Polk and surrounding counties.
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